Speereo Voice Translator Multilanguage (UIQ)

Speereo Voice Translator Multilanguage (UIQ) for Symbian

Portable phrase book and travel guide for Symbian phones

Communicating in a foreign language? Nothing's simpler! With Speereo Voice Translator you will forget about linguistic and geographical barriers! That's exactly what Speereo Voice Translator can do for you!

Once you select the proper phrase in one of the selected 9 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese), Speereo Voice Translator immediately reads back the same phrase in the other language.

About 4,000 most commonly used phrases, business, technical, medical, and legal terms, conversational phrases, idioms, and some slang are arranged in 16 main categories and 87 subcategories by subject, such as Travel, Useful, City, Buy Food, Shopping, Health and Entertainment.

Speereo Voice Translator has been enhanced by the Columbus Travel Guides on every country and many cities, which had been especially adapted for Speereo Voice Translator. Columbus Travel Guides are an invaluable source of comprehensive and detailed information for countries and cities worldwide. Now, wherever you go, with Speereo Voice Translator powered by Columbus Travel Guides you will have at hand all useful information on the place of your visit, including sights, hotels, restaurants etc.

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Speereo Voice Translator Multilanguage (UIQ)


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